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Manage your website
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Integrating your patient management into your website
There is nothing worse than having to cope with a dental problem. A toothache is one of the worst pain that you will experience always striking at the most of the unexpected times ad disrupting your peace of mind and physical comfort.

While a good smile is mostly attributed to good dental structure, a deformed dental structure can be a cause of low esteem and confidence.

However, with advancement in dental field dental surgery has become a widely accepted phenomenon with many people opting to undergo surgery to get relief from peace and confidence threatening dental problems.

The booking process for a dental surgery will vary depending on the type. Moreover the booking procedures for different dental clinics is also different while some clinics will require you to book online to be given the specifications of the surgery and the time that the doctor will be available to attend to you.
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In such cases, it means you have to identify correctly the root of your dental problem. A vast knowledge of the various dental surgeries will also be a necessity to be able to choose the correct s procedure.

Online booking is advantageous especially for individuals who have a tight schedule and thus have limited time to visit the doctor. It is also time saving and economical as no transportation costs to the clinic are incurred especially in cases where the patient lives far away from the clinic.

In other dental clinics surgery is booking is face to face. First, you have to make a visit to the doctor so that in this visit, the doctor will identify your problem and from there you can be able to set up the appropriate date for the procedure. The doctor also gets to explain to you the different alternatives that you can get for your problem. Though face to face is time consuming and you incur an extra cost of consulting with the doctor it also has some advantages.

This method allows you to have a direct conversation with the doctor where you can discuss the various types of surgery you can opt for. That means there is less likelihood of you choosing the wrong surgical procedure. Some clinics also get to prepare the patient psychologically especially if you are a first time patient giving you confidence to undergo the surgery.

Some clinics, which have embraced technology, also allow you to book a dental surgical procedure via their dental clinic app. However, as a patient you should note that the doctor might call for emergency dental surgery especially in a case where the problem limits you capacity to carry on with the day-to-day activities. Dental surgeries in most cases will only take you a single day after which you can go back home and the booking systems we develop reflect all different scenarios that can arise.
We create patient systems that implement into your dental website and fuse with your office system at your surgery
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Working with dentists to produce better systems
With our vast experience of tailoring systems to dental practices we have built up a solid system base that takes care of all online booking and financial transactions which allows your dental surgery to operate fluently.

Some of the most common types of dental surgery that you may consider trying out our system include:

- Endodontic also known as root canal mostly carried out on teeth with cavities
- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
- Prosthodontics Apicoectomy
- Orthodontic surgery

We can provide systems and websites for all types of dental related surgeries and offer up solid marketing advice.